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Hello all!

My own organization, Milwaukee Public Library, just began a Special Collections Instagram account this year! It covers archives materials, rare books and any of our special collections materials my colleague, who runs the account, can get her hands on 😃. I added a few of the posts below but you can check it out here:

“Happy Bicycle Day! Milwaukee has over 85 miles of bike lanes and over 145 miles of trails on the Kinnickinnic River Trail, the Beerline Trail, the Oak Leaf Trail, and the Hank Aaron State Trail. Take advantage as you head to your destination or leisurely ride through a scenic trail. Ride safely and wear a helmet!

This photograph was taken by Paul Calhoun in 1976. It is part of our CETA Arts Program Collection. CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) was a federal employment law from 1973 that helped reduce unemployment and provide experiences for people to build their skills and experiences for employment. The Common Council’s Special Committee on Public Information used CETA funds to partner with Milwaukee’s Center for Photography to capture “The Spirit of Milwaukee.”

The link to the CETA digital collection is in our bio.”
“Today we are participating in the #Archive30 challenge of highlighting an #UnusualItem in the Milwaukee Public Library Archives. We selected these wax cylinder recordings that would have been played on a phonograph in the late 19th and early 20th century. The cylinders are located in the Carl P. Dietz Papers, 1875–1956, Local History Manuscript Collection 10.

Carl Praetorius Dietz (1875-1957) was an inventor, an elected justice of the peace, a city comptroller, an insurance businessman and an elected alderman of the 10th Ward of Milwaukee. He was an avid collector of early model typewriters and had a strong interest in music including composing and publishing songs. Dietz also served as president of the Milwaukee Public Museum Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Milwaukee City Art Commission, and sat on the boards of the Milwaukee Auditorium, the Milwaukee Public Library, and the Milwaukee Art Institute.

The collection includes these wax recordings of the songs Carl P. Dietz composed and sung as well as of him whistling and speaking. There are also two copies of “The Little Homestead by the Mill” and “A Maiden by the Name of Kate.” For preservation purposes, the wax cylinders are available to view but playing the recordings is not permitted.

The link to the archival finding aid for the Carl P. Dietz Papers is in our bio.”
“Spot the library staff! 📚 April 5, 2022 is National Library Workers Day! Today we are highlighting historic photos of library technical services staff that are often behind the scenes working on book prep and collection maintenance.

These photos are from Milwaukee Public Library’s own archival collection. They are dated 1950-1967.”

This was an April fools day post – I just love the photo 😂

If your organization has a social media account I can highlight, please send it to me!

Happy Tuesday!